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We Have Been Waiting and They Have Arrived...

Updated: May 6

Mango season is here. There are many different varieties all with interesting names stories and flavors typically ripening by May and continuing through September.

I am a fan of sliced green mango eaten with salt, black pepper and chile molido. I also harvest early ones to make chutney. Need green ones for this.

When the mango starts to blush it is in the process of ripening and all the birds and animals will be there waiting and leaving behind a trail of skins and gooey mess. Be careful too many can give you the gripes as the one called Bellyful warns. Others are named for their looks or taste Slipper, Hairy, Blue, Garlic, Sugar, Apple and Thundershock. Or perhaps after someone Julie, Hofius and Hayden. We all have our favorites.

TIP: I pick a dozen leaves from my Number Eleven tree boil and simmer for 15 minutes in a large pot of fresh water. Refrigerate and drink this everyday for a healthy pain free system.

well we are now in May 2022 and the mangoes are everywhere. a bit messy but must not complain, just enjoy.

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