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Sail Away With Me

What a beautiful day perfect weather for a sail and so we got together, hopped on the Nautical Adventures catamaran and head on out to the pristine location of Laughing Bird Caye which is a 1.8 acre national park named after the laughing gulls which still nest there.

Every now and then you need a day of relaxation to become a tourist in your own country.

Our guides were excellent and a splendid time snorkeling, swimming and just hanging about sipping cool drinks, was had by all.

I love to just walk the beach and enjoy what I see. The birds, the fish, the flora and fauna, beautiful. There were so many whelks and edible vegetation, coconuts et al, so I am sure no-one could starve if shipwrecked on an island out here.

On the way back Mike caught a bonita fish and made us sashimi complete with wasabi. What a treat. Well not this fish, that's a yellow tail snapper.

Good bye sea gulls, good by Laughing Bird.

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