• Jenny Wildman

Have You Seen These People?

Updated: Apr 17

Matt and Jill have been missing for the last few months. Their neighbors say they noticed some strange activity. The couple had been taking trips to the Caribbean—each trip longer than the last. They just sold their house, and their brand-new snow blower. They were last seen months ago just after the lockdown was over. They were headed to the airport with one bag each—Jill had on a colorful floppy hat. Their kids don’t seem worried—even they are talking about taking a trip to some tropical site on the Caribbean Sea. Clearly, the neighborhood is abuzz with questions.

Update: Matt and Jill were spotted last week at a neighborhood restaurant in Maya Beach, Placencia, Belize. Between sips of Margaritas, they were overheard talking excitedly about their new home on the beach. The nosey diner at the next table indicated he overheard them say they were leaving in a few minutes to go drag their toes through the sand. Perhaps, they aren’t missing at all.

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