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From North to South Belize is Beautifully Diverse

Nestled along the Caribbean, the small country of Belize is unexpectedly large--in diversity of landscape, people and activities.   From its majestic mountains to its many outlying islands, quaint villages, ancient Maya temples, lazy jungle rivers, sea views, refreshing waterfalls, exotic plants and animals--there is so much to explore and enjoy.

For over 40 years we have introduced guests from all over the world to our country.  Many became more than just visitors—they chose to make Belize their home.  We specialize in helping you find a home here--short-term accommodations or the retirement home you’ve dreamed of.  We listen, we understand your needs and using our extensive expertise we match that with the properties and lifestyles that Belize offers.

While other real estate firms may choose to limit their availability, we respond to any opportunity to reach out to you using any channel you prefer.  Contact us by phone, video chat, and virtual tours, or social media.  Of course, if you choose to visit our beautiful country, we welcome the opportunity to sit across the table from you at one of our seaside eateries and discuss your plans over a plate of Belizean favorites.

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"If you are looking for an expert in Belize property, Bayshore should be your first stop." 

- Tina & James Heart 

"We  were told the purchase of property in Belize would be a daunting process.  With the guidance of Bayshore, it turned out to be painless. 

"Bayshore knows how to solve problems and make things happen.  We'll certainly refer Jenny to our friends."

- Paul & Susan Taylor

- Mary van den Reich

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